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So i missed a week of uploading pics for my blog, we left to Vienna, Austria and didn’t really have time to use a computer to upload or update things. It was 10 days of non stop walking and visiting places, but it was beautiful and amazing saw my family , saw my auntie. We also went to Salzburg, beautiful city , of course its also the city of where Mozart was born. But enough of my talking i will let the pictures do the talking, there are also some pictures still from Poland so enjoy ! =D

Stay tuned
Thank you all for following my blog !!

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p.s some duplicate pictures have been uploaded just skip the ones you have seen and you will get to some new photos =)

Week One Of Europe , i will most likely not be writing much but letting the pictures do the talking for me ;).

Enjoy the pics !

feel free to leave comments ;)

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Pictures from Saigon

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Ok so i am able to post the pictures earlier :), this week is chinese new year so been visting most of Johns family , technically it starts on the 3rd of Jan, streets are slowly starting to get quite and most people are preparing foods etc for the occasion.

Anyway here are the pictures enjoy :).

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Nha Trang and Saigon

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ok so its been awhile since i posted just been busy, just came back to Phan Thiet on Monday morning and been just relaxing this week, going to update with some pictures. Quick run down of what we did, basicly in Nha Trang we stayed at a 5 star hotel , the best in Vietnam, its basicly on a island isolated from the land , and its a theme park as well with rides and a water world sort of style park, we stayed their for 3 days, man did me and John go abit nuts, but it was fun as hell , we didn’t end up getting back on all the nights till about 5am , the 2nd night we came back by speed boat , we ended up falling asleep of on it and waking up to the captain nudging us that we arrived , crazy crazy :).

Then once we left Nha Trang we left about 9pm got back to Phan Thiet at about 2am and then had to wake up at 7am to get ready to go to Ho Chi Minh city , Ho Chi Minh city was cool , John knew some girls which ended up pretty much showing us all the hot spots in Vietnam museums , historical places, chill out spots the lot.
We ended up staying for 4 days which intially we were only supposed to stay 3 days , but we wanted to see abit more so we decided to stay that extra day , Thanks Lil sister and Pi for showing us around :D .

Anyways here are the pictures :) enjoy and i should update soon.

p.s the pictures are only from Nha Trang from Ho Chi Minh will come maybe tonight stay tuned for more :)

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Pictures from past days

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Here are some pictures people from the past days again sorry haven’t been able to update just been real busy but here are some great pics i took.

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just quick update

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i will try to update the days it’s just i’ve been on the road lately so haven’t been able to update the blog as much , just came back from Nha Thang , and came back at 2am and at 7am left to Saigon so we are here at the moment, been rush rush and it may end up being that we do not go to Hal long bay as alot of tours are currently booked out and apprently its cold as up their , the vietnamesse people are saying its never been so cold in Vietnam, we met some people from Melbourne , Johns karate master an he goes its nice to go to but its just so cold theirs no point in staying long, so yeah we will see, thats the sitatution at the moment, i’ll try to update latest days to keep you updated.

Day 4

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Day 4

I start to hear this voice in my dream that dosen’t really suit the situation , i soon click its Vietnamesse, quickly i awake to relise its not me at all but in fact
its the vietnamesse army driving around broadcasting propaganda through a speaker.

Yeah since being here they play it every morning around 9-10 then at 6pm, everyone just ignores it and pays no attention, they are fed up with the rubbish they broadcast.

As John’s dad said “its just bullshit and lies”.

Today is a slow day everyone is recovering from a crazy night, i mean even i am in a mood to do nothing really , we start off by heading to Uncles Bee Cafe, John i start discussing
what to do , we come to the conclusion to go to the local mall, basicly all tourists go their.

John goes i have to taste this food from a place called Lotteria , Lotteria as John calls it is the McDonalds of Vietnam. He orders a more then a few things for me to taste test.
I am surprised that its actually better then McDonalds, and the food actually looks like the picture, we then go upstairs and check the stores and the prices its pretty evened out
its either cheap or expensive.

We walk around the shops for abit just taking our time.

John then suggests we go to the cafe that is next to the beach , for some coffee & ice creams, coffee in Vietnam is actually much more sweater and even a straight black is sweat,
the family finds the black strong , but i actually find it weak so i drink it like it has sugar in it.

We stay at the cafe for abit just relaxing , we finish up having everything and head across to the beach just relaxing walking on the beach taking pictures and we then see a lady
begging us to buy some food me and John feel sorry for her so we decide to buy something from her, the food was amazing, didn’t expect it to taste so good from just a lady walking

After awhile we just head across the street to a hotels swimming pool and just chill for a few hours just relaxing, after awhile we headed back to Bee cafe to just relax for awhile
the whole day was about just relaxing and enjoying ourselves, everything is so cheap in Vietnam you seriously feel rich with just $100 so many things can be done.

we came back to Bee cafe and then Uncle decided to take me to Sakura, Korean/Jap/Viet seafood and Sushi restruant, we ordered Kim Chi Soup bowl and uncle also added soushi (korean Vodka)
for me it was easy to swallow but for the family it was way to strong.

After discussion on what to do next we decided to go to a club called Wax ‘Muine’which is a place where alot of tourists go vietnamesse say its the bali of Vietnam. Which they arn’t wrong
the whole place is just filled with international people, from all over the world, we got their and it was fairly empty but it only took time for it to start getting filled with people.

We ordered some Saigon beers man i am falling for this beer its actually bearble to drink.

We jumped onto the dancefloor and started dancing, i started talking to a french girl of the age 26, she lives in France, but was born on the french islands near Australia, shes an accountant
that was back in Vietnam, after coming from Thailand.

We also met some Irish people and a few aussies from Northcote we had a laugh.

We headed back at around 1:30, uncle came with us, he loves to party !

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